Side Notes

VR in 2016 is not ready

VR in 2016 is not ready. I pre-ordered an Oculus Rift and eagerly awaited it for 7 months as Oculus experienced manufacturing and logistical issues. After one month of regular use, it has sat in my closet untouched since. I think the technology is in place and available, but VR in 2016 is not ready. Why is VR not ready this year? There is no must-play VR game. There is no must-see VR experience. There is no compelling reason to purchase a VR device today. I hope someone is hard at work making an ubiquitous snow-crash-esq VR experience that compels everyone to rush to the stores to buy VR rigs, but 2016 was not the year where VR became the big thing. It might be the next big thing, but not this year.