Side Notes

Illustrated by Evan Dahm

Evan Dahm made an illustrated edition of Moby Dick and is now kickstarting a print edition.
Moby-Dick is the second public-domain book I've illustrated and self-published, and it's one that I am uniquely obsessed with. Even 160 years after its publication, it's a strange, fascinating, impossible book. It's nothing like everything you've heard about it. It's an adventure story and an encyclopedia of an enormous, grotesque industry on the threshold of the modern world. It's a unique and passionate articulation of the self-destructive extremism that has always been a driving force for the United States.
Since early 2015 I've made a series of 53 full-page ink illustrations for Moby-Dick. I've tried to represent the enormity of the book and its diversity in tone and format—some images are portraits, some are dramatic moments, some are diagrams, and some are icons. I've posted all of them online as I've finished them.
For this book I'm working with Make That Thing again: they're coordinating with the printer and they'll do the order fulfillment when the books are received. These are both things they are very good at and have done many times!
As noted, he's using Make That Thing, which is part of the Topatoco Empire.
Make That Thing is a production agency for crowdfunded projects. We help artists and creators design, print, store, and ship the things they make — so you can focus on the art. We know that once your crowdfunding campaign is over, the real work has just begun. And we want to help make sure that your backers get what they pledged for in a reliable, professional, and timely manner.
... From the Topatoco site:
We also publish books! Some of your favorite internet artists have been approached by publishers who said, “Your work is so amazing that we would like to publish it for you, and pay you pennies on the dollar for the privilege of selling to your existing audience.” The artists, being clever, said “No thanks I’d rather make a living.” TopatoCo Books are just as nice as any book you can find anywhere, except the person who made it — not Amazon, not Barnes & Noble, not Diamond Distributors, not anyone else who did not make the book — actually earns money from the sale. We know! What a concept.
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TopatoCo is exclusively for established, original, independent internet creators with a proven record of solid updates and a considerable existing audience.