Side Notes


I saw the film Hanna last night. The story is a little bit average, but the execution is brilliant. The cinematography and score are amazing and make the film worth the 7.50 I paid to see it. The acting on both Saoirse Ronan (Hanna) and Cate Blanchett (as the antagonist Marissa Wiegler) is spot on for their roles. So much of the film is about discovering the world - Hanna has lived in isolation in the Arctic her entire life and she travels from Morocco to Spain to Germany in a perfectly delivered mix of shock and amazement. This does not take away from the core of the story: she's been training all her life to kill her nemesis Wiegler, the woman that shot and killed her mother. It is no surprise in the end when the movie begins as a near mirror to the start of the film - with a gunshot to the head. Overall I give it 8.9/10 - it's worth paying to see in theaters, and worth seeing just for the cinematography and score alone.