Side Notes

Oblivion (2013 film) - Review

Over the weekend I saw the film Oblivion. It's been over ten years since Minority Report. I'm glad the trailers and other marketing did not spoil the film for most people. Even going into the film knowing the twist, I was impressed with nearly every aspect of the film. The film stars Tom Cruise, Andrea Riseborough, Olga Kurylenko, and Morgan Freeman, all of which provide compelling performances. The special effects distract from the subtle hints placed throughout the film, providing an opportunity for a still exciting second viewing where you can pick up all the clever foreshadowing. Overall, this film is worth paying to see in theaters. If you're not a fan of Tom Cruise it might be wise to check out the film during matinee prices, but it is worth seeing. If you don't have time in the next two weeks, don't rush - everyone will be talking about Gatsby and Iron Man 3 soon enough and you won't have to worry about being spoiled unless you go out of your way to learn the plot details.