Side Notes


Gatsby...The Great Gatsby? The one where DiCaprio stars? It is a definite rental. Don't waste your money seeing it in the theaters. It is way too long and so many scenes are laughably bad. At one point I thought I was browsing PostSecret on the big screen, and I nearly retched and walked out. Yet, in contrast to those scenes, there are so many good moments. The actors are at the top of their game here. This is Toby's best performance of his career, which isn't saying much, but at least casting directors know he can act decently and he'll get better roles. DiCaprio was born for this role and continues to impress. Overall, its an incredibly flawed movie. My hope is that when the home video version is released, some fan makes an edit that takes out all the garbage scenes, and makes it into something more appealing. It gets 6.8/10 star from me. There is some good stuff and a few incredible performances, but even DiCaprio can't save a film that insists on using postsecret visuals as a crutch.