Side Notes

Pizza Bagels

You’ve seen the advertisements on TV. Maybe. If you were lucky. The ads had a catchy little jingle that went something like, “Pizza Bagels, eat them all the time, even dinner time!” We’re gonna take the idea and run with it. Why spend a ton of money on a Djorno Pizza, or even pizza hut when you can make pizza bagels and have a perfect snack or meal, depending on who’s over to enjoy your cooking skills! Ingredients: Your favorite bagel tomato sauce mozzarella cheese toppings (as desired) Instructions: If you’ve made pizza, this is common sense. If you’ve eaten pizza, this should be easy too. Cut your bagel in half and lightly spread the tomato sauce over it. Then take a few slices of cheese and loosely cover the bagel. Believe it or not, you don’t want to over doit with the cheese. Then add your pepperoni, canadian bacon, or whatever toppings you like on your pizza normally. Now you can take 3 routes for cooking, microwave, microwave + oven, and oven. Feel free to use a toaster oven rather than a full huge over if you prefer (or if you already have something else baking). Microwave: Cook for 1 minute on high, or until you see the cheese start to melt. The main problem with microwaving these is that if you cook bread-based food for too long, it gets rubbery and looses it’s appeal quickly. I don’t recommend cooking bagels with a microwave unless you are really desperate. Microwave + Oven One trick to recovering some nearly-ruined microwave Pizza Bagels is to take the bagels from the microwave and put them into the oven (or toaster oven) so the bread can crisp up and lose that soggy bread feeling. Oven: Set your oven on High and broil for 1 minute, or until the cheese has melted thoroughly. This method allows you to cook the toppings, warm the bagels up, and melt the cheese without burning anything.