Side Notes

Mini Bagels

I was going through the archives of Delicious Days and found that they posted a recipe and photos of mini bagels on my birthday, way back in January! How could I have missed it?! The post is titled “Cute, Cuter, mini bagels” and their photos prove exactly that. You can’t but help just want to start baking your very own little mini bagel. The article reminded me of a very tempting advantage that mini bagels have over regular large sized bagels: you can have multiple mini bagels to try different flavors in one sitting, without feeling like you’ve eaten your fill. Nicky, the author of the post, says it so much better:
“Generally, if available, I always opt for the smallest portion of a snack, which makes it easier to indulge in the many flavors and tastes. I love to sample without making commitments, so to speak. Voila , this is where the mini bagels come into play. Three to four big bites and they are history, allowing to taste different spreads and toppings without being completely stuffed.”