Side Notes

The Bagel Machine

If I asked you how many bagels a team of 4 people could make in an hour, most people guess around 100 to 300 bagels each. If they were really good at making bagels. This may be true if they were making bagels by hand, but the bagel machine changed everything. The Thompson Bagel Machine changed the entire bagel industry, back in 1963. Daniel Thompson relates the huge technological innovation of the first Thompson Bagel Machine on his official website,
“Before Lenders installed my bagel machine, they made bagels in the following manner: Sam Lender mixed the bagel dough and one man cut it into small slabs and fed it into an Italian breadstick machine. The Italian breadstick machine made bagel dough strips that were then distributed to workstations where six to eight men rolled them by hand into bagels. With this system they averaged 50 dozen bagels per hour per man. The first Thompson machine, with three unskilled workers, was able to do the work of eight skilled workers.”
That was in 1963. Fast forward to the present, where Lender’s Bagels makes tens of thousands of bagels using only four people!
“Winkler working with other companies engineered, built and installed a number of bagel lines around our K-Frame bagel machines that produce 64,800 bagels an hour! It only takes four people to operate these lines with the same 99.5% efficiency. There is not another bagel machine on this planet that comes close to any of the performance records that we have established with these machines!”
Daniel Thompson’s continual innovation of the bagel machine has earned him quite the dollar, and the top place in the bagel industry. Read Daniel Thompson’s whole story about the history of the bagel machine at the official Thompson Bagel Machine website.