Side Notes

Bagel Glasses

Some people might think that the bagel is just for eating. The truth is that it’s abilities are far more than anyone ever expects. Just the other day, I lost my glasses and had to rush out somewhere. Not wanting to crash into anyone I decided to pull a Macgyver and use what I had at hand. Looking around the kitchen, I found a mini bagel and some licorice and carefully fashioned a pair of Bagel Glasses. Ingredients: 1 mini bagel 4 straws of licorice 1 full imagination Instructions: The first step would be to cut your mini bagel in half. Then run a straw of licorice through the each of the center. Carefully twist the two pieces of licorish together and tuck the ends into the center of the bagel halves. Next, you will need to make two small incisions on the end of each bagel side. You can use a smaller steak knife and simply slide the knife into the edge to make a small opening. Tuck the remaining straws of licorice into these openings and stand back to admire your creation. Carefully slip on your new glasses and you’re good to go!