Side Notes

Bagels vs Bread

So you want to make a sandwich, huh? STOP! Don’t grab the bread. Grab a bagel. Here’s why: Bagels aren’t easily smashed. When you’re brown bagging your lunch, you have to be careful. Sandwiches made with bread just aren’t the same after someone accidentally steps on your lunch repeatedly. With a bagel, you’ll barely be able to see the impact. You only need one bagel. Rather than waste two slices of bread, (or worse, only have half a sandwich!), grab a bagel. It has two halves built in. You’ll always be ready for a whole sandwich with a bagel. Stacking Bagels stack so much better than bread. You can stack on a ton of toppings onto a bagel without too much trouble. With bread, you’re pretty much limited to the size of your mouth, divided by the limited viscosity of a single slice of the bread you’re using, and then subtracted by the size of your hands multiplied by two. No one wants to do math while they’re trying to eat. Grab the bagel instead.