Side Notes

Keeping Bagels Fresh

Brueggers Bagels have been around the block, long enough to know a few things at least, and they’ve published a collection of tips and tricks on how to keep your bagels FRESH. Their best advice is the advice they give first. As any cook or baker would tell you, “enjoy the food on the day it’s made, no later”. Here is their list of do’s and don’ts DO * keep your bagels in a tightly sealed plastic bag * remove as much air as possible when sealing the bag * reclose the bag promptly once opened * slice your bagels before freezing DON’T * put your bagels in the fridge * microwave your bagels * store Onion, Garlic or Everything bagels with milder flavored bagels (unless you want them all to taste like onion and garlic!) * leave your bagels open on the kitchen counter.