Side Notes

Ninja Bagels

Ninjas have a hard time, sneaking around and not getting caught. I have never seen a ninja at bagel shop - or anywhere for that matter. This lead me to believe that one of the following must be true: ninja don’t exist or there are secret bagel shops made specifically for ninjas, and only ninjas know where to find them. Through careful research, several trips to the library, and consulting the fortune teller downtown, I’m fairly certain that not only do ninjas exist, but that they’re single handedly keeping the frozen bagel industry in business. Hold on a second, I’m not saying that ninjas are the only ones who buy frozen bagels. I’m saying not only do ninjas eat bagels, they use frozen bagels as a knock-out device. Bagels not only have the range based advantages of a ninja star, they can silently knock out a person with a single blow. Seeing as how ninjas are all about stealth, this is the only logical answer. If you have further information or tips about the ninja mafia’s involvement in the bagel industry, please comment and I’ll update this post.