Side Notes

Technology I Use in 2016

Who are you, and what do you do? My name is Danny Nicolas and I am a web developer. I also do a bit of photography and graphic design. What hardware do you use? This is my technology setup: Computer Setup in 2016 This year I build a desktop tower PC:
  • 700w psu
  • Intel i5 6600 cpu
  • 16gb ram
  • LG bluray/dvd burner
  • Corsair c70 case
  • Gigabyte g1 Nvidia gtx 1080
I also upgraded to a mechanical switch keyboard, which is a joy to type on compared to the squishy keyboards of laptops the past few years, and use a wired optical mouse. A few years ago I upgraded to my current 27" monitor and am looking forward to adding a second 27" monitor to the mix next year so I can have a monitor in landscape and portrait orientation.
  • Corsair Red Backlight keyboard with cherry red mechanical switches
  • Gigabyte optical mouse
  • Asus 27" monitor (PB278Q 27" WQHD 2560x1440 IPS)
I have a Nikon D90 that still gets some action, but most of my day to day photos are taken with my phone. I'd love to upgrade to a future Nikon camera released in answer to Sony's Alpha/A series of mirrorless full frame cameras, but am more likely to upgrade to a D610 in the next year or two. I'm currently using a Blackberry Passport (2013) for my cell phone. I'm looking forward to upgrading to a new Android based Blackberry with a physical keyboard next year, provided that they actually release it as planned in early 2017. I do have a Macbook Air (2013) that is used when I travel, but I'm looking forward to replacing it with next year's edition of the Microsoft Surface Book (provided they continue to deliver on consistent year over year improvements in hardware build quality). I run my websites on a set of Ubuntu Linux based Digital Ocean servers. And what software? This desktop computer runs Windows 10 as my primary operating system, mostly out of convenience for games, excel, and Adobe software. I tried running Ubuntu desktop for several months before ultimately installing Windows for said software. After spending 10+ years using Mac OS X as my primary operating system of choice, Windows 10 feels like a huge step forward from the previous editions of Windows that I used extensively (Windows 3.1 through Windows 2000) and with reservation (Windows Vista through Windows 8.1) A full post about web development on Windows (and Windows 10 in particular) will follow. To say the least, there are as many headaches getting your development environment set up as there are with OS X, and this remains one of the steepest learning curves for new developers. Once you're set up, the learning curve for development is rather gradual, and answers are easy to find online resources like My primary web browser is Vivaldi. I usually have a browser window open to TweetDeck, which Twitter has fortunately kept online and functional. I run most of my email through Fastmail, but keep my previous gmail account around for convenience and instant messaging purposes. What would be your dream setup? In addition to the above mentioned upgrades, I'd love to get Cintq tablet for web comics and graphic design, a dedicated large format printer, a home setup for letterpress, and a darkroom for developing film. I'd love to have a longer desk set under an west facing window so I could enjoy afternoon sunshine as it happens. I'll probably add a CNC machine, 3D printer, and a laser mill of some sort to this list next year as well. Format for this post shamelessly taken from