Code Notes and Other Updates

2017-08-08 Importing The Wordpress Archive

As the title states, I've gone ahead and imported the archives of my wordpress site into my Rails based site… ↠

2017-08-08 Cleaning up

I'm in the middle of re-organizing my site - this post will have more details later! ↠

2015-06-07 Backup, Snapshot Required

A lesson learned the hard way.

When you set up a server instance, always set up automatic snapshots that…

2015-04-17 Learning To Code is Both Challenging and Easy

Learning to code in the year 2015 is incredible. There are so many tools, guides, manuals, courses, videos, bootcamps, and…

2015-02-23 A quick note on SSH and Bitbucket

Bitbucket's ssh setup/guides are pretty terrible. This is a widely known fact. They switch between git and mercurial without even…