Goodbye Windows 10, Hello Ubuntu 18

I switched to Ubuntu as my primary operating system this year. While Windows 10 has come a very long way in being a solid development environment, it is not there yet. When I realized I was spending most of my time in Windows actually in an Ubuntu VM, I knew it was time to get a new SSD and switch to using Ubuntu as my primary OS.

The experience has not been without a few headaches so far. I’ve already compiled drivers for my wireless card a few times, accidentally upgraded an older 32bit install, and still have sorting out a solution to NVIDIA’s oft broken proprietary drivers for my 1080 graphics card and a few other things.

Despite the handful of hiccups at the start, Ubuntu 18.04 has been incredibly stable with the vast majority of things working straight out of the box. My webcam worked, my USB-3 PCI extension card worked, even the open source drivers for my graphics card work well enough for my day to day use.