A Sabbath day fast followed by an evening meal of home-made slow cooked chili. 

My wife and I have been writing in a family journal on a monthly basis. It’s been an interesting challenge to step back and try to see the forest for the trees. 




The issue of the Linux kernel freezing continued even after removing docker. What I did to resolve it was upgrade to the 5.10.x LTS line. Then I upgraded the nvidia driver to the latest compatible version that had been released in November [link], rebooted, and everything was working smoothly and at the correct resolution. 


For late breakfast I had a green smoothie and a leftover donut. Lunch was leftover steak and spinach quiche. Dinner was porkloin slices on a spinach salad topped with roasted cherry tomatoes and garlic. Dessert was tortilla chips with homemade salsa, and the last leftover donut. I also ate a few fiber bars as snacks during the day.

I ordered some magnesium supplement to help get into a better sleep cycle. 




In an effort for building consistency, I am writing daily. I write this entry on the first of the year, with the effort to start publishing these entries consistently tomorrow and thereafter. 

We played Pepper with Melissa’s grandparents. The wikipedia explanation was extremely confusing, but after reading the rules on a few other sites I now have a much better understanding of how the game works. 


As it is the first of the year, I bought Krispie Kreme donuts per our delicious donuts rule. The rule of delicious donuts is that they can only be bought nor eaten on special occasions due to their irresistible nature. The exception to the rule is donuts that you make yourself do not count.

I ate a most delicious Taco Bell taco for lunch.
We ate dinner with Melissa’s grandparents. Her grandmother cooked a nice dinner of roast, mashed potatoes, apple-raisin-walnut fruit salad, and slaw.

Back home, I went down a bit of a rabbit hole in researching new frying pans. I have a bit of a problem of scratching non-stick cooking surfaces with knifes, forks, and other such devices of inappropriate material for using on such surfaces. So I set out to find some new frying pans.

First I watched this video from Alex* where he went to Turkey to forge his own copper-silver pan:

So then I went to the site of the company in Turkey that makes them, and thought about ordering one of their beautiful 30cm frying pans: I didn’t order quite yet, because I am going to use this as a reward for future consistent progress in other goals. I also found a competing company making similarly copper-silver pans: I also found this Italian artist making pure silver pans:  I think a pure silver pan would be great for investment purposes but the copper and silver combination is very aesthetically pleasing. 

I ended up buying a temporary replacement of a stainless steel with aluminium base 14″ fry pan and some additional wooden utensils to help break the habits of just using whatever is available. 

*I also watched this video series from Alex where he reshaped and electrochemically etched and made a custom handle for his knife:, this video where he forged his own chef knife:, and this video where he had a knife sharpener expert give him some tips: I also looked into sharpening knives with whetstones in this video:

In the middle of my day, I ran into an issue booting into linux. On restart, it would freeze or fail trying to shutdown the docker container engine. Since I dual boot windows and linux on separate drives with rEFInd*, the way around this was to use the BIOS boot menu to specifically pick the linux boot drive, and then select the previous linux kernel. I then purged the docker related packages. As of writing, I haven’t yet booted into the newer kernel to see if this resolves the issue, but I suspect that there is something incompatible between the new kernel and that docker-ce or docker-cli install. More on this item tomorrow.

Public Domain Day:
Google Books Catalog of 1925 Copyright Entries:
See’s Candies Centennial:  and their family motto: “Quality Without Compromise”