the more things change


“The good composed of all goods; an ability which suffices for living well; perfection in respect of virtue; resources sufficient for a living creature.”

Aristotle says that the eudaimonic life is one of “virtuous activity in accordance with reason…

even Epicurus, who argues that the eudaimonic life is the life of pleasure, maintains that the life of pleasure coincides with the life of virtue

Eudaimonia implies a positive and divine state of being that humanity is able to strive toward and possibly reach. A literal view of eudaimonia means achieving a state of being similar to benevolent deity…

a better surface

Here are a few ideas for improving the Microsoft Surface:

Replace the custom charger with two additional modern USB ports, or one legacy USB port for backward compatibility.

Replace the custom Keyboard connection with another USB port.

Stop selling low RAM devices. Make 16GB RAM the base amount.

Pair the keyboard cover via Bluetooth.