About Waking Ideas

Waking Ideas is where I write about my web development projects, and the challenges that happen along the way.

My name is Danny Nicolas. I am a web developer. I started Waking Ideas in April 2005 as my personal blog and collection of interesting things found on the internet. Over the years, this domain has been home to a collaborative pop-culture blog, a photography gallery, music and film reviews, and the time-honored, internet tradition of rambling social-political-economic rants.

After a few fallow months, Waking Ideas is again a place where I write about the projects I'm working on. You'll find links to the different projects in the sidebar on the left.

A brief personal history

I grew up in the North County area of San Diego, California, and studied photography during my years of secondary education.

I've produced a variety of projects including a webcomic (WORN), a series of short films (Nature Magoo), a podcast (Breakfast with a Side of Podcast), a vlog, and a mixtape collection (Cartrax vol. 1-13).

Along the way, I worked tech support for a hosting / domain name company, freelanced as a Wordpress web consultant for small and mid-size businesses, ran a small portrait and wedding photography business, helped start a diamond price guide business, and wrote code as a web developer for YEKRA (the now defunct online film distribution startup.

More things will show up here when I get them up and running. In the meantime, here are the links to my github, linkedin, and flickr accounts.

Minor Technical Details

This website was created using standard modern web technologies ( HTML5 / CSS / Javascript / Ruby on Rails ), Purecss, and is hosted at Digital Ocean on Ubuntu with Nginx, and other fun server related software. If you see something broken, please let me know. If you break something, shame on you - but please still let me know.


Photo by Kyle Woolley.