This week (and the last week also) I spent quite a bit of time finding the root cause and coming up with a solution for two different code configuration issues. One of the issues related to the differences in how the application built if the development environment variable was set vs production, and how that variable was being set for the continuous integration build system.

While I am glad to have resolved the problem, it does highlight my desire to make use of an integrated build platform system. With my future projects being part of RobinSkyLavaHawk, I will be spending some time figuring out how to integrate GitLab and the CI/CD systems into my processes.

Study and learn as if you were preparing to teach

Earlier this week my wife commented that she often learns more if she is preparing to teach the material compared to just reading or studying. This led further evaluation on processes regarding things that require additional cognitive load like programming, debugging, documentation, testing, etc.. I will be following this model quite a bit the next few months as I work towards shipping a few MVP versions of different currently stewing projects, and posting my notes here.