This week I spent some time getting familiar with the Vue CLI 3 tools. It is incredible how far the VueJS ecosystem has grown and matured in the past few years.

My pull request for the Dreamhost DynDNS fix was accepted (with a few revisions to make it work for everyone and not just the one friend I was initially helping).

I've had GitLens for Visual Studio Code installed the past few weeks and among other things, it is very useful to see the git blame on hover to see when each line was last changed and who made the change.

Cypress relented and published a set of 'Cypress included' docker images that can be incredible useful in CI systems where you want to spend your compute resources running tests, not downloading cypress via npm each time. I have been using these docker images locally and in Google Cloud Build this week and it has been quite a positive change.

Between discussions about upgrading Node versions, I found this fun site for looking at what works in what version of Node.

I've been slowly watching all the videos from Scott Wadsworth's
Essential Craftsman youtube channel
, where he is (slowly, over time) teaching step by step all the different details and factors that go into building a custom house.