Dreamhost Dynamic DNS API script fix

Earlier this week I stayed up late debugging a Dreamhost DNS API script with a friend. If you're trying to use the Dreamhost API to update the A records for your domain due to not having a fixed IP for your server, this script is probably what you've looked at. It appears that the API response format changed and thus breaking the part of the script that deletes records. With a few adjustments and a lengthy debugging session, the script is working again! I put up a rough PR for the changes, but the project doesn't look like it is in active development.

You can download the fixed files from my fixForChange branch here , or from the file directly: https://github.com/dannynicolas/dreamhost-dynamic-dns/blob/fixForChange/dynamicdns.bash.

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One lesson to learn from this week is the importance of keeping your development, staging, and production environment configurations in sync. Google Cloud SQL databases are often set up and run with the defaults and there are critical differences between the defaults for mysql 5.6 and 5.7. Thankfully someone else had written about these differences and I was able to determine that this was the source of the problem we were experiencing. After some testing I determined that the code would indeed work in the production environment and the software release was able to proceed.