Friday afternoons, I write a review of my past week in working with code and other related issues. Here are some things for the last week in August 2019:

  • The first thing to highlight this week is the incredible value of responsive, competent asynchronous third party partners. When you find one or more people that are extremely competent and pleasant to work with, the abrasive contrast to those who seem like lesser mortals makes it all the more obvious that the best people are worth far more than just their weight in gold.
  • I helped some friends set up a blog on Digital Ocean using Wordpress (that will be officially re-launching in October), and that got me moving in setting up this site and writing again. Additional credit goes to Colin Devroe.
  • Cypress continues to prove itself very useful as a core end to end testing tool this week.
  • In the process of helping three different co-workers across a range of different skill levels set up development environments on fresh laptops this year, I have a greater appreciation for those that keep and maintain top quality documentation for both code and processes. Sometimes it isn't just how A or B work, but how A and B work together in the context of how you are using both A and B.
  • With regards to IDEs, I am using Visual Studio Code as my primary editor on projects at home, while I am still in the process of transitioning away from Sublime Text to VS Code at work.