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“The good composed of all goods; an ability which suffices for living well; perfection in respect of virtue; resources sufficient for a living creature.”

Aristotle says that the eudaimonic life is one of “virtuous activity in accordance with reason…

even Epicurus, who argues that the eudaimonic life is the life of pleasure, maintains that the life of pleasure coincides with the life of virtue

Eudaimonia implies a positive and divine state of being that humanity is able to strive toward and possibly reach. A literal view of eudaimonia means achieving a state of being similar to benevolent deity…

a better surface

Here are a few ideas for improving the Microsoft Surface:

Replace the custom charger with two additional modern USB ports, or one legacy USB port for backward compatibility.

Replace the custom Keyboard connection with another USB port.

Stop selling low RAM devices. Make 16GB RAM the base amount.

Pair the keyboard cover via Bluetooth.

a look into popular family history presentation formats

A look at the family tree view: presentation of my great-grandfather’s tree with the primary focus on the branch of the past (ancestor focused) rather than the roots of the future generations after him.
A look at the code for the tree. The primary couple is treated as node 1, and then each generation row is presented in ascending numerical order.
Descendants of the couple, with the nodes numbered by decimals. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 are all children of the couple represented by node 1. Nodes 1.2.1-1.2.x are the children of node 1.2. Nodes are the children of 1.2.1, and so on.

Now a look at the same family on in their ‘Pedigree’ view: presents the family tree information a little differently too, but also almost entirely ancestor focused.
A look at the code for and how they are organizing the family nodes in their ‘pedigree view’.

Ancestry offers both a ‘Pedigree’ view and a ‘Family tree’ view, and the ‘Family Tree’ view functions relatively (pun intended) the same as the family tree view, but they are presenting it with every node open in both directions, which gets unwieldy fast.

Only a small part of a zoomed out view in the Family Tree view on

thoughts on Control

Here is my one sentence review:

The key game mechanic that sets Control apart from most games these days is that it allows itself to be hard. The Board training gives you just enough info to survive. You slowly acquire more and more abilities, but it is up to you to figure out how to figure out the right combos for the right enemies. There’s no magic bullet; no one size fits all OP ability that lets you just stomp on everything just by pushing that button every single time.

I’d been flying spaceships in Star Citizen for too long and Control reminded me of everything that I really enjoyed about the ghost of gaming past.

2020/4/2 space math

Assuming SpaceX hits their 100T to orbit goal, one relatively full load of steel plates at 6.36m² x 0.31cm thickness (and roughly 175,000 lbs) laid out in a square would be a flat surface of 484m². If you think about making a bigger ship where the surfaces are 484m², you can build a borg ( cube style vehicle hull in a month… or a drake cat hull ( style vehicle of 5325m length in less than a year (assuming they can match current capabilities of weekly launches and not the multiple times daily that SpaceX has ambitions for).

As a visual reference: 484m² is roughly 210 shipping containers square and 5325m is roughly 978 shipping containers long. This type of vehicle could easily self-sustainably support a crew of 100+ very comfortably with current o2 tech. SpaceX and others will no doubt improve on and significantly advance the life support tech needed for larger sustainable space vehicles.

As with most estimates, all these numbers have rounding slippage at every level of the calculation, but this is actually a good thing given that the vehicle hauling things to orbit (Starship) is currently in prototype form and having extra wiggle room on volume and weight is a good thing.

April 1, 2021: Quick Links

Commentary from Flula on NFT: and Crypto:

Bell: from the same animation studio that did Wolf Children

Coinbase is putting their stock on the public market

Hunt for Red October is still amazing.


Origin 404: and accompanying video:

Lumber dislocatio: not a joke, both futures and in-person, if you can find it in stock (and they let you buy it), the prices have multiplied significantly.

Closing Cat Tax


A Sabbath day fast followed by an evening meal of home-made slow cooked chili. 

My wife and I have been writing in a family journal on a monthly basis. It’s been an interesting challenge to step back and try to see the forest for the trees. 




The issue of the Linux kernel freezing continued even after removing docker. What I did to resolve it was upgrade to the 5.10.x LTS line. Then I upgraded the nvidia driver to the latest compatible version that had been released in November [link], rebooted, and everything was working smoothly and at the correct resolution. 


For late breakfast I had a green smoothie and a leftover donut. Lunch was leftover steak and spinach quiche. Dinner was porkloin slices on a spinach salad topped with roasted cherry tomatoes and garlic. Dessert was tortilla chips with homemade salsa, and the last leftover donut. I also ate a few fiber bars as snacks during the day.

I ordered some magnesium supplement to help get into a better sleep cycle.